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How to Plan a Popcorn Bar for Your Wedding or Event

Guide for Creating a Fabulous Popcorn Bar for Your Wedding or Event

1. Label each flavor
Make sure your guests know what flavors of popcorn they're selecting by labeling each container. Your labels can be as simple as a handwritten piece of paper or as elegant and dramatic as printed labels on cardstock with craft paper accents. Be sure to tie your labels into the overall appearance and theme, if you choose one, of your popcorn bar.
2. Provide scoops
Be sure to provide scoops for each container, or flavor, so your wedding guests can dish out their favorite flavors of popcorn without having to wait forever for the person in front of them to give up the scoop!
3. Provide containers to fill
Make sure you have something for your guests to put their popcorn in! There are tons of neat containers, boxes, and bags available at party stores and online. Find a look that is uniquely you!
Whichever container you select, remember that your guests will most likely fill them full, so plan accordingly and provide enough popcorn for everyone.
4. Keep your popcorn covered
Keep your popcorn containers covered as much as possible, especially in humid climates. Popcorn absorbs moisture from the air and loses its crispness that we all love so much. Combat that awful humidity by selecting serving containers that come with lids--apothocary jars are a great choice.
5. Always have extra
It's better to have a little extra popcorn that you can munch on your honeymoon than to run out at the reception and not have enough for all of your guests. A full table is also much more exciting and appealing to the eye than a sparse popcorn buffet.
gatsby-1920-s-wedding-popcorn-bar.jpg6. Have someone to refill containers
Ask one of your relatives or your caterer to keep an eye on the popcorn bar and refill serving containers when they begin to run low. This person can also be in charge of picking up stray pieces of popcorn from the buffet table so your popcorn bar looks great from the first guest that touches it to the last. You don't want to have to worry about taking care of this on your own when you've got celebrating and dancing to do!
7. Be creative!
Most importantly, be creative when it comes to your popcorn bar! Your popcorn buffet can really make your wedding POP! (Not to be CORNY!...ok, I'll stop with the popcorn jokes) Make your popcorn bar reflect your and your spouse's hobbies or the overall theme of your wedding. If it's a beach themed wedding use colorful popcorn and accent with bright tropical flowers. Or, if you both love movies you can sport a full movie themed popcorn bar with red and white striped popcorn boxes for your guests to fill and old film reels to decorate the table.

No matter what theme or color scheme you choose for your popcorn bar, be over the top with your creativity because this is one of the most exciting and memorable days of your life!

Frequenty Asked Questions for Popcorn Buffets and Bars

1. How many gallons of popcorn should I order for ___ number of guests?

On average a 2 gallon bulk bag of popcorn will have 32- 1 cup servings. 

On average a 4 gallon bulk bag of popcorn will have 64- 1 cup servings.


Example for 128 Guests you will want to purchase a minimum of 8 gallons for each guest to have one- 1 cup serving of popcorn.


Remember that while some guests will not eat any popcorn others will eat extra, so plan accordingly and always try to have more than you think you'll need.



2. How do I know the serving size per guest for my popcorn bar?

We suggest you determine the amount of popcorn (by volume) the individual containers will hold in order to determine an individual serving size for your popcorn bar.
To do this, fill one of your containers for your guests with popped popcorn. Then, pour the popcorn into a measuring cup to determine the volume (preferably in cups) that the container will hold.
Remember the example above is 1 cup serving sizes.
3. How long before my wedding should I order my popcorn?
You can place your order as early as you would like! When you submit your order you will be asked to specify your preferred shipping date. Most brides and event planners prefer to have their popcorn arrive 3-4 days before the wedding or party to alleviate any last minute stress. Use our Shipping Policies page or give us a call to help determine an ideal shipping date!
If you don't want to schedule a future shipping date we suggest you place your order a week and a half to two weeks before your wedding so your popcorn will arrive and stay as fresh as possible for your big day. Please note that production times could increase during times of elevated demand. To be sure your popcorn arrives in time for your event we encourage you to schedule a future shipping date with us.
Once you receive your popcorn be sure to store it in a cool, dry place to maintain freshness.

Wedding Popcorn Bar Inspiration Photo Board

Rustic Shabby-Chic Wedding Popcorn Bar

Rustic Chic Wedding Popcorn BarRustic Chic Wedding Popcorn BarRustic Chic Wedding Popcorn BarRustic Chic Wedding Popcorn BarRustic Chic Wedding Popcorn BarRustic Chic Wedding Popcorn BarRustic Chic Wedding Popcorn Bar

Great Gatsby 1920's Vintage Inspired Wedding Popcorn Bar

Great Gatsby Vintage Wedding Popcorn BarGreat Gatsby Vintage Wedding Popcorn BarGreat Gatsby Vintage Wedding Popcorn BarGreat Gatsby Vintage Wedding Popcorn Bar


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